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Monday, February 20, 2006

Cloning Mac OS X Tiger x86 Laptop Harddrive

Requirements: NetRestore for Panther 2.0 or Tiger 3.x. A PowerPC Mac with Firewire, A Mini FW Enclosure, Mini ATA Drive from PC Laptop, Mini ATA Drive to clone.

Using NetRestore, I was able to make a disk Image of my Intel Mac Tiger OS. Then copy it to another Mini ATA Drive and I was able to boot my laptop off the drive.

Here's what I did to get the clone/backup of OSX86:

On my Panther PowerPC Mac:
1. Took apart a mini FW Drive.
2. Hookup up a bad mini FW Drive that had a partition that was still readable with OSX86.
3. Made Disk Image using NetRestore_Helper.
4. Put the good mini FW Drive back into the FW Drive.
5. Restored the OSX86 disc image. Removed the ATA Drive from the FW Enclosure.
On my Intel laptop:
6. Inserted the ATA drive back into the internal slot on my laptop.
7. Boot disc not readable (no target partition was found.)
8. Boot of Tiger OSX86 CD.
9. Select the a boot partition from the drive.
10. Reboot and Bingo; running of the cloned drive.

It seems like alot of steps, but it was actually pretty simple.



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