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Sunday, March 04, 2007

First annual YouTube Video Contest

First annual YouTube Video Contest.

See details at:


NiceMac Founder

Friday, February 16, 2007

Captain FTP

I kept having problems with Transmit 2 & 3 locking up during a file transfer upload. Frustrated with Transmit and tired of fixing directories from the command line ftp, I decided to give Captain FTP a try. Works like a charm. I highly recommend it for OS X users. The interface is a little strange but the program works great.


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Apple iPhone has a Knockoff Called the Meizi M8

I smell a lawsuit brewing. It's definitely a knockoff. The Cal, Calc, Phone, and Mail icons look very close. The rounded plastic edges look the same. The Meizu M8 should be called the ©iPhone for Copyright infringement Phone.


Tuesday, February 13, 2007 New website that gauges when to buy a new Mac / Lifecycle. suggests to by a machine at the beginning or middle of its life cycle. While this may be a good value money wise, would it be better to buy a machine at the end of its life cycle because nearly all the kinks would be worked out by that time?

For instance the Mirror Door G4 and 604e processors at the end of their life cycle were really good buys for me. In my college years, I used to always buy machines at the end of their life cycle refurbished. Not to mention there were very few problems with these boxes.

What do you think?


Monday, February 12, 2007

Intel to Introduce and Demonstrate an 80 Core CPU!

Great. First we had the Megahertz race, now we are already in the Cores race. Let's see who can get to 1,024 Cores First.

Then they will probably say, Mmmm. This many cores is just not fast enough and it's way too hot, I think we need a platform change and incorporate a Venus Fly Trap CPU. We've been developing this secretly since the beginning of time. Now all we will need for power are a few bugs and water.


Sunday, February 11, 2007

Halo running on Hackintosh. Dell E207 Monitor, Don't get one! The E207 is not a good buy.

I got Halo Combat Evolved running on my Hacktinosh. I plays pretty good. I moved my better monitor, the Dell 2100fp to my main workstation. I might return my E207 for a 2407wfp or a 2007wfp. I didn't know this but the E207 is based on TN technology. It does not have as wide of a viewing angle top to bottom. It's color reproduction is also not ad good as my 2100fp. I may even try to find another 2100fp. The E207 does seems to be sharper, but it almost seems too sharp. Photos and text sometimes looks blotchy. Kind of annoying when you get used to a good screen.

Dell does not really make this apparent about the Econo displays. It tells you what options that you're not gonna got like USB 2.0, Extra video outputs, Picture in Picture, but they don't say, "we are using less pleasing 6bit imaging technology." I am probably going to return this display and try out a different model. I am really happy with the 2100fp. It has a really solid base that doesn't shake at all. This E207 is flimsy too. This is what usually happens. The 1st models are rock solid and well engineered. Now is it less give you something about 100 dollars cheaper brand new and see if you miss all the shortcuts we took to make boo-coo money.


update: I traded my Dell E207 for a 2407WFP. If you are getting a new monitor go for a 2007FP or 2407WFP or find a used 2001FP or 2405WFP. Cheers!

Runing JaS Semthex 10.4.8 OSx86

I have been running the last JaS 10.4.8 DVD install for a few months now. It is great. I have any kernel panics. I am running Natit with a XFX GeForce 7300 Card with 2 Gigs of Ram, over a terabyte of hard disk space. I just love it. I built this Mac from Scratch last year and it still runs suberb.

Here are some of my notes for a month ago:

It the most unusual system that I ever put together.

This week, I made some improvements to DarthVader, my Intel Mac clone.

I added a Dual Display GeForce 7300 GT PCIe card like the ones in the MacPro's. Using a Dual Head Natit.kext v.02 to get dual displays working. Also added an inexpensive Dell E207 20" widescreen display with attached speakers. The display is clear and crisp. But you get what you pay for. Pixels might be over sharp. Darth is using a hacked 10.4.8 v8.8.1 kernel made by Mifki. For me building Darth is a fun hobby and don't wish it upon anyone unless you like messing around with Kext's and other innards of OSX. Darth's goal was to create a cheap usable Mac-like system for running Photoshop and Apple's Developer Tools to build Universal Applications. DVDs on Darth play really nice, especially with the built in sound bar directly below the screen.

Damage List:

Case,Intel D915GUX Mobo, 80 GB HD,1 GB, 16xDVDR, 3Ghz P4HT 64bit $500
Two WD 250 GB SATA HDs $200
Dell 2407WFP Monitor with Sound Bar attached speakers $300 (Got a great dell on it).
1 GB Additional RAM, Generic (installed it later this week) $088
PCIe 7300 GT Dual Display DVI Video Card $100
External 100 GB WD USB/FW HD. Upgraded from free drive to 250GB $040
External 250 GB Drive USB/FW ROCK Mobile HD $100
Dell Keyboard and Mouse $030
Dell 17" Display from rummage sale $040 (just stopped using it, 24" is all I need right now).
2nd 100 BT PCI Card (internal is 1GB Ethernet used with my G4) $040
End PC Noise FAN $035
USB 2.0 WiFi Card from Previous system FREE (went back to LAN, Ethernet,) going to sell this on eBay.
USB 1.1/Firewire Card from recycled system FREE
Wacom Tablet.. used from old system FREE
Estimated total $1475.00

It runs as good as many G5's on the Market. It is by no means a speed demon like the latest and greatest Xeon Macs. The MoBo is already a year old. But I would consider it a good Mid Range system that currently suits my needs and it has 1 Terabyte of storage. I am going to evenutally add another 20" widescreen monitor and trash my CRT. So, I started around the Mac Mini price gradually worked my way up to the 20" iMac range. Most of the parts were bought on eBay. It's still much cheaper than the bottom of the line MacPro, but it did require more effort to put together and configure than any normal Mac user would consider attempting. Nevertheless, it was a great learning experience and I know more now about Macs and PCs than I ever did.

Pros: cheap, Dual Display, Supports QE,CI, and QE2D Extreme, runs Tiger 10.4.8. 64bit enabled. 6 USB 2.0 Ports, 4 USB 1.1 ports, 2 Firewire 800 Ports. RAM is Expandable to 4 GB. No viruses.
Cons: It's not a Mac, may not run 10.5. Do it yourself means fix it yourself. Getting very good at both.

If you ever wish to take on a project like this. I highly recommended joining Also, if you want to chat with my, I am often on IRC at: with the username: gt. Common rooms that I am in: kernel and clonetool.

Clonetool is my pet programming project. For far it's made a few dollars. I hope to earn enough money with CT for either a Mac Mini or a MacBook to fully support cloning Hard disks of any Mac or Hackintosh user. Clonetool, a command line based cloning utility, was started to fill a need for Hackintosh users. They didn't have a simple way to clone their OSX boot drive and allow it to boot with little user intervention. Clonetool today has been downloaded worldwide, from over 80 countries, and supports PowerPC and Hackintosh users. 75% of my downloads are from Hackintosh users. 25% are PowerPC users. With my next version, I hope to get Intel Mac users and bring it to a 50/50 split between real Mac users and Hackintosh OSx86 users. Clonetool Hatchery will be released by Easter and will support all Macs including Intel Macs and Hackintoshes and of course be more Mac like with a GUI.

I have not done much promoting of Clonetool, but was amazed how many downloads it gets. Each week my tiny homepage gets about 5000 visitors and Clonetool gets about 125 downloads per week. There are other cloning tools out there, but many of them haven't been updated in a while. I am hoping to close the gap and keep developing it. Cloning Mac hard drives is also a departure from my previous programming endeavors which were Prepress based and did not have much life outside of the work I do at my full-time job.

Happy New Year,


Mac OS X 10.5 and Blu-Ray or HD-DVD Macs from Apple!

When 10.5. is released and it does support HD-DVD and Blu-Ray, it will immediately start selling computers with either a HD-DVD or Blu-Ray. It would be crazy not to, plus including a Mac that supports either or both formats would boost sales.

If I want to watch HD-DVD movies, I need a HDCP compatible Video Card (my 7300 GT is does not that I know of), I do have a HDCP monitor, then I would need a HD-DVD or Blu-Ray player. After all that, my CPU might not be fast enough to play 1080p content, so then I would probably just get a brand new mac that already supports it and it would be much faster.

What's funny is video cards first got better because of Prepress and Graphic Design. Next Video Gamers needed better video cards, now HD computers need better video cards and Processors to keep up with HD-DVD decyption. Seems endless.

Computer manufacturers should have a Computer Club Membership. For $1000/yr. Apple could send you a new computer. A year later if you return that computer, Apple would send you another new one as long as you keep your membership in good standing. If you opt out of the Membership, then you would owe Apple the balance due on the $2500 machine ($1500) and could keep the computer which would probably be obsolete in another year because of some new technology. I would probably pay $1000/yr. if I was guaranteed a computer that would be up-to-date on both the hardware and software side. Think about it, we probably pay Cable this much and see don't get better service year after year for the same money.

Friday, February 09, 2007

I just loved that commercial. "Everybody wants to be in Marketing." I like the girl on their web banner Ads too. It's sexy and clean. Way to go GoDaddy! I am definitely going to get my next Domain name from They are a cool internet company with a sense of humor that just happen to sell domain names and web services. Sweet!


3D Graphics in a VM on Mac OS X Fusion? Yes!

This is impressive to see 3D Graphics Acceleration on Mac OS X within a Windows Virtual Machine. This brings Mac gaming to a whole new level! I don't know if this will work on Hacktinoshes, but seeing it running on several Mac Book Pro's and MacPro's is really cool.

a 3D Graphics Environment in a Sandbox. Nice.

I just might have to purchase the latest version of VMware's Fusion this year and give it a whirl. My kids would love to play the Windows version of Star Wars lego I & II on a Mac instead of a PC. :)

Now it's time for Parallels to step it up because VMWare's Fusion now has a leg up on you guys. Parallels was headed out the gate first, but now Fusion is catching up and is passing Parallels. This is going to be some tough competition for both companies. This will be really good for the consumer. Speaking of competition, where is VirtualPC for the Mac? Looks like Microsoft killed another Mac product. Here is what Bill Gates is thinking to himself, "Oops, I did it again. I got lost in the game and screwed another product. At least we will still have Tiger, I mean Vista and Aqua, I mean Aero. I'm not that innocent." Great job M$, you poisoned another up an coming product. Smooth move.

Go Fusion Go! I hope Parallels stays in the game. :)