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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Halo running on Hackintosh. Dell E207 Monitor, Don't get one! The E207 is not a good buy.

I got Halo Combat Evolved running on my Hacktinosh. I plays pretty good. I moved my better monitor, the Dell 2100fp to my main workstation. I might return my E207 for a 2407wfp or a 2007wfp. I didn't know this but the E207 is based on TN technology. It does not have as wide of a viewing angle top to bottom. It's color reproduction is also not ad good as my 2100fp. I may even try to find another 2100fp. The E207 does seems to be sharper, but it almost seems too sharp. Photos and text sometimes looks blotchy. Kind of annoying when you get used to a good screen.

Dell does not really make this apparent about the Econo displays. It tells you what options that you're not gonna got like USB 2.0, Extra video outputs, Picture in Picture, but they don't say, "we are using less pleasing 6bit imaging technology." I am probably going to return this display and try out a different model. I am really happy with the 2100fp. It has a really solid base that doesn't shake at all. This E207 is flimsy too. This is what usually happens. The 1st models are rock solid and well engineered. Now is it less give you something about 100 dollars cheaper brand new and see if you miss all the shortcuts we took to make boo-coo money.


update: I traded my Dell E207 for a 2407WFP. If you are getting a new monitor go for a 2007FP or 2407WFP or find a used 2001FP or 2405WFP. Cheers!


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