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Saturday, January 21, 2006

PearPC, it's slow but stable and runs MacOS X PPC on x86

When I was searching for MacOSx86, I came across PearPC. I tried it in the past and failed. After doing some more reading on it recently, I decided to make it a weekend project to see if it could actually boot and install Mac OS X PPC.

I found a simple installer from Praxis that installs PearPC, OpenVPN, a compressed 3 GB disk image, and a sample PearPC config file. The instructions were to tell the config file were your CD drive is and boot Mac OS X from the CD. I first started with MacOS X 10.0, 10.1 and 10.2. All of them would boot until it could not found the root device saying "still waiting for root devices." At this point the CD drive would stop. I then tried 10.3 and it would not see the CD.

One last attempt, I copied a disk image of the CD using Toast and renamed the .toast extension to .iso. Updated the path in the Config and got Panther PPC to boot and install from the .iso image. It took about an hour to install. The mouse is fairly responsive. Applications such as Safari and Mail bounce about a dozen times in the dock.

What works:
using OpenVPN software and configuring the internet file sharing in Windows, WiFi works. Can log into other Macs from the PearPC Emulator.
Command line utilities work.
Safari and Mail work.
Fullscreen native res on my PC with 16 bit or 32 color.
Right Click ADB Mouse Driver hack works in PearPC .04pre and .04
Quicktime movies play, but no Sound.
Disk Utility works.

What doesn't work:
CD/DVD Burner, trying to access these drives using nativecdrom config and patches for Mac OS X from, will crash PearPC.
drutil bulkerase quick also crashes PPC
iTunes, really buggy and can crash PearPC.
No Sound Support

I am currently reinstalling Panther on a 20GB disk image on my PC. My next weekend project is going to see how Photoshop CS 2 and Illustrator CS 2 run. Also still looking to install a hack of MacOSx86 native install, but from what I have read, I need a second Firewire hard-drive to dual boot MacOSx86 and Windows XP. It seems that a new disk Partition will not work, but I still have to test it.